Sunday, 19 January 2014


And last but not least, thanks very much to two sons of a bitch who were there with me (we lived in the same place, but we barely greeted each other) all my stay in India. These two “people” tried to kick me out but they couldn’t. They were mean, perverse and machiavellian to me. Well, not only to me, to everybody. But especially to me and to my friend. As for my friend, I guess because they were jealous of him. Everybody liked him and nobody liked them. As for me, in part because I was a woman in a men’s world, in part because I didn’t sweeten their pill and mostly because I was a pain in their ass (that applies for both my friend and I)!

They tried every single trick to get rid of me, but I “won” every single time! And that made me stronger.

Thanks to them I learnt that some people can be really wicked. They were heartless, rotten, unethical, shameful, amoral, devilish, deceptive, mentally dysfunctional and above all HYPOCRITES. For me those who do not practice what they preach are hypocrites. And that is what these people were: the greatest hypocrites I’ve ever met! And I’ve met a lot! They pretend to have moral and religious beliefs, but their actions belie their stated beliefs. They preach we must be honest and they are not. Not at all!

Everyone in their lives was just someone to use, to control, and to manipulate to make them feel more powerful. Everything they did was harmful, manipulative, and destructive. They dove into abusive behaviour.

I think I’m writing too much about them. I don’t think they deserve more of my time.

I’m glad, happy, giddy even that our paths crossed. I became a better person because of them. Some people come to our lives just to teach us how we mustn’t be!

So thank you for being part of it!

(I don’t have a photo of them, but this one can give you an idea of what they are like!)

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