Thursday, 12 December 2013


My name is Gema and I’m a full time teacher. And when I say full time I mean FULL TIME! It’s my obsession to correct people whenever (I think) they make a mistake! It doesn’t matter if it is in English or in Spanish. That is one of my many flaws. My fault! (All my friends, “Excuse me!”).

I’m a Spaniard living in the Dominican Republic, but last year I had the privilege of living in India. When I went back home I felt out of place and a little down and out, but now, with the perspective of distance in time, I feel strong enough to write about it. I’ve created this blog to share what I lived with my friends (as if I hadn’t told them my stories thousands of times!).

Life there was at the very least INTERESTING!!! Sometimes really TOUGH, sometimes a piece of cake, sometimes mundane, sometimes HILARIOUS, most of the time MAD, but it was MY life and I loved it!!!

And that is what I’m going to write about: MY (CRAZY) LIFE IN INDIA!!! Here you can read about the antics of my Indian existence!

Maybe next year I’ll write about my existence in the DR!
I hope you enjoy it!

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